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Monday, July 12th, 2010

Time:10:33 pm.
Mood: busy.
So, after not getting any sleep last night (just couldn't get to sleep for some blasted reason), I spent 5 hrs at Parkland 7am-12pm. Two of those hours were because a student said she wanted to take a test, but she never showed up. GRR I could have left at 10 had she at least told me she wasn't going to come. Then I came home and immediately started doing my prep work for tomorrow. During my two hour unscheduled office hours, I did manage to do some work so I only had to spend 3 hours when I got home working on my prep material. Then I did a bad thing. I asked Rog to let me lay down for an hour for a bit of a nap. Wanting me to get as much sleep as possible, he let me sleep until 6. Lol. Fortunately, he did housework while I was sleeping so I'm not too far behind on my chores. To reward him I made supper instead of designating it his night to cook. We had some rotisserie chicken left over from Sam's (my all time favorite buy of 5 lbs of chicken for $5) that we had eaten as the main dish for two days. Being sick of just plain chicken, I decided to experiment. I shredded the chicken, then put it in a pan with water and taco seasoning to simmer for a while. Next I preheated the oven and brushed olive oil on some corn tortillas. I baked these until they were nice and crispy brown. After they were done, I let them cool and then topped them with the chicken. I also had a bunch of fresh shredded mozzarella that needed eaten. So I sprinkled cheese on top and tossed them back in the oven until the cheese melted. When served with shredded lettuce, tomato, and taco sauce, I found a great little recipe. Oh and I made desert too. We had a pint of blackberries and raspberries that were going to go bad soon, so I chopped up some strawberries, tossed all the berries into a bowl, mashed a little of the mixture, and stirred in some brown sugar and cinnamon. With a small slice of angel food cake and fat free whipped topping, we had what I can only call a modified strawberry shortcake. Now I have an over full hubby. Lol. Maybe this will be positive reinforcement to clean up more often. :-D Pavlov showed positive reinforcement is the best way to train an animal.
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Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Subject:Weight loss motivation
Time:10:14 pm.
Mood: amused.
So, in an effort to encourage my weight loss efforts, I pulled out the measuring tape. The results were rather disturbing for me. My chest, not a surprising 55" since it has never been smaller then 50" that I know of. However, my waist and hips were the more shocking and disappointing measurements. My waist has jumped to a MASSIVE 47" and my hips to a GIGANTIC 57". My new goal is not just to lose the lbs, but get my waist back to a reasonable 35" and my hips to a manageable 48". Hopefully, my chest size will decrease as well, but then again I won't hold my breath. On a more amusing note, since my bra band size is currently 42, my bra size was off the charts for 3 bra size calculators I used. Couldn't help but get a chuckle out of people's inability to allot for women with boobs like mine. One calculator actually said your size is 42G or larger. So technically they are right, but seriously can't you give me a freaking letter? Because of all of my back fat, I figure that my actual size is 42J or 42K instead of 42M. Hopefully, as I continue to lose weight I will lose back fat and boob. I did pretty good today, for supper I had a fish fillet (110 calories), half a cup of brown rice (90 calories), and a cup of green beans (35 calories). But I also had two cheesy herb biscuits @ 100 calories each for an extra 200 calories. Overall, my caloric intake was right around 1900 calories, so not horrible. Well, off to bed so that I can get up at 6 am.
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Sunday, June 6th, 2010

Subject:Funny Child
Time:1:25 am.
Mood: amused.
My little pumpkin head was complaining because one of his favorite TV shows was over. So, being the mommy that I am, I pulled up some activities and pictures based on the show. While I was doing this, he climbed into a clothes basket (yes I know it's dangerous that's how I got the scar by my eyebrow) and started playing with some cups. When I had loaded some activities for him to do, I told him to come over and see. He said no. So, I asked him why not since it was for . He tells me very matter of factly, "No, me too busy." ROFLOL Wow, to have a 3 year-old tell me that he is too busy. :D
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Friday, June 4th, 2010

Subject:Writer's Block: TMI
Time:1:04 am.
Mood: bored.
If you had the opportunity to know everything about the person you love, would you take it? Or would you avoid the possibility of getting hurt?
No. Knowing everything would take all of the mystery and fun out of our relationship. Eventually, we would run out of things to talk about especially as we began to share more and more of each other's time. I don't think that it is even a matter of being hurt. Nothing in his past should affect our relationship because it is the past pure and simple. As for the small things in his life that I am not privy too, I look at those as fodder for future conversations. So even though my husband and I have passwords and pin numbers to each others email, facebook, cell phone, myspace, livejournal, and other stuff (in case of emergencies), rarely do either of us exercise our ability to "snoop" through things. That way when he tells me about a funny email that he got from his father two weeks ago, I actually want to hear about it and don't already know what he is going to tell me. And before anyone thinks that I am just saying this for his benefit, my husband does not even have a livejournal account. He says, "Why have one more thing for me to ignore online?" Lol.
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Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Time:6:58 am.
Mood: restless.
So, I have been awake since 4 am after going to bed at 1:30 am. Yuck. And it was not restful sleep at all during those 2.5 hrs. I was temporarily awoken because it was rather hot in the bedroom. Apparently, the pumpkin head decided to play with the thermostat, while his daddy was watching him. Cranked it to 90 degrees. I, of course, lowered it as soon as I discovered what he had done. Then I went back to sleep. After mostly dozing off, I was again awoken by a MASSIVE crash of thunder. This only temporarily interrupted my sleep as I was able to doze back off quickly. Next, the air conditioner kicked on. Once the cold air started blowing on my bare back, that of course woke me up again. But that was not to be the end of it. I was able to roll over and fall back asleep within a matter of minutes. Then I started having a disturbing dream. I dreamt that I was in bed and heard a strange noise in the house. I reached over and shook Rog and made him get up and investigate. He gave me a quick kiss, put on his glasses, and told me I was over-reacting until we heard the noise again. This struck me as odd, since I never have him get up and investigate weird noises. Even while pregnant, I'd tell him to stay in bed and I'd go look. (Even though he is an army vet, I am still better in hand to hand combat.) Thus, I knew I was dreaming. However, because I have been known to incorporate real noises like ringing phones into my dreams, I forced myself to wake up in order to investigate if it was a real noise or just a dream one. And I have been up ever since. However, I was able to ascertain that the weird noise was the sump pump turning on in conjunction with the air conditioner kicking on at the same time. Had I been awake, I probably would have surmised that immediately, but I'm not a quick in my dreams. Managed to finish my voting and check all of my email accounts plus read some news articles. My heart and thoughts go out to the people involved in the horrible accident on 57 over Memorial Day. I am SO grateful that Rog was not on the road during that time, since he was in Mattoon that day and usually takes 57 home. He did however witness the aftermath of it and said it was catastrophic. I'm especially saddened by the family and friends of the women mentioned in this article:


To lose one person in such a manner is atrocious. To lose multiple people is a tribulation.
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Monday, May 31st, 2010

Subject:Busy Day
Time:12:38 am.
Mood: annoyed.
So I am actually procrastinating from the vast amount of cleaning that really needs done and the job application that needs finished. Rog and I went to a double feature at the drive in yesterday. The movies were good, but he managed to annoy me royally once again. Xavier was with us because he was being punished. Yes, I know for many kids going to the movies isn't a punishment, but for a three-year-old it is torture to sit in a car for 5 hours (double feature). So, I was dealing with an active toddler that was distracting the fellow movie watchers, and then Roger starts in. He starts bitching and griping because he can't see or hear the movie with Xavier constantly moving around. Then starts yelling at me because he just KNEW it wasn't a good idea to take Xavier to the movies. I ALREADY knew it wasn't going to be a cake walk. But after "painting" my loveseat, tv, floor, tv stand, table, and himself with chocolate frosting he got out of the fridge, I didn't think letting him go spend and spend the night at Gina's house was really a punishment. I mean she spoils him worse then us. So, either we didn't go to the movies, allowed Xavier to go have a blast at Gina's house which would reinforce his bad behavior, or we took him to the movies with us. Rog didn't like the first, I don't like the second, and thus settled on the third. Sometimes he acts like he doesn't even want to be a parent. The boy doesn't like having to sacrifice anything. I know it's my own fault for usually letting him off the hook of all of the everyday sacrifices that come with raising a child, but he really doesn't get it. I'm the one who sacrifices sleep, time, and all of my little personal pleasures like soaking in a hot bathtub or having a clean house. And he just gets to go on his way going to work, coming home from work, throwing clothes and diry dishes everywhere, and then out to the garage or off to the lodge or over to Ted's. I'm going to try and explain things to him again tomorrow, but that is likely to lead to another huge fight. Why is it that all of our fights are about cleaning? Ok enough venting. Off to finish my massive quantity of work.
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Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Subject:Supermom/wife/sister/daughter day
Time:2:51 am.
Mood: exhausted.
So I am just getting home from taking Roger down to Mattoon for work because we are down to one car and I need it in the morning. Here is my schedule for the next 24 hours.
3:00 am - Go to bed
6:45 am - Wake up. Get Xavier and myself ready.
7:20 am - Drive to Danville to pick my mother up.
8:20 am - Arrive at my mother's
8:30 am - Leave my mother's and drive back to Champaign.
9:30 am - Arrive at my sister's.
9:35 am - Leave sister's and go to her appointment.
9:45 am - Gina's appointment
12:00 pm - Leave Gina's appointment.
12:15 pm - Drop Gina off at her house.
12:30 pm - Drop my mother off at my house.
1:00 pm - WebAdvisor training until I'm not sure when.
3:00 pm - Distribute flyers campus town
4:30 pm - Leave for Mattoon to pick Roger up
6:00 pm - Arrive in Mattoon
6:00 pm - (Mom or Gina takes Xavier to his soccer game.)
7:00 pm - Board Meeting
8:00 pm - Drive mother back to Danville
9:00 pm - Drop mother off and head back to Champaign
10:00 pm - Begin my voting
12:00 am - Collapse from exhaustion.

I'm thinking that I'm forgetting something. But right now I'm too tired to think about what it is.
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Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Subject:Wonderful man
Time:7:36 pm.
Mood: loved.
So I decided that I wanted to hear nice things about myself today. Thus I told Roger, "Flatter me. I want to hear nice things about myself to make me happy." After a bit of prodding, I was able to get him to say more then "You're pretty." Lol. So according to Roger:

I am the most beautiful woman in the world to him. No other woman can even compete. (So I asked for details.)
"You have the most beautiful smile. It lights up the whole room. Whenever you smile at me, it makes any situation so much better. You're eyes are bright and shiny." (asked him to clarify this) "You know how in cartoons that no matter how dark a character's eyes are even if they are black, that the character's eyes seem to glow and sparkle when they are happy? You're eyes are always like that." (I think he means luminescent.) "You have adorable little ears. They are the most perfect size and shape. And you have the cutest little button nose." (I would disagree with the button part.) "It is perfect for your face, not too big and not too small, plus the shape is almost statue like. Your skin is so beautiful and soft. Not oily or super blemished, and your skin tone is a lovely pale color. It's the perfect shade for skin. And your hair is so naturally soft and shiny and the color is gorgeous. I think that's what I love the most about the way you look. You've got natural beauty. Other girls are pretty, but they are artificially pretty. Stick them out on a deserted island for a year without a store or a beauty salon and they'd look horrible. You'd look exactly like you do now, except your clothes would be a little raggedier." (He'd finished describing most of my face, so I asked him to move on to the rest of my body.) "You have the softest hands. Your skin from head to toe is so soft and smooth. And (this is a little explicit) your boobs are wonderful. Huge, soft, and pillowy, just the way I like them. And I love the fact that they are bigger then anybody else's that I know. Kind of a bragging right. You also have the perfect round butt. I wouldn't like it any bigger or really too much smaller then it is right now. There is just enough to hold onto. Your legs are quite shapely. There is substantial muscle under there but not too much that it looks like you're a body builder. Your whole shape is very feminine. Yes it is a little on the larger side, but extremely proportional. And your personality is amazing. I love the fact that not only do you know that oil should be changed regularly, that you are capable of doing it. You fixed the washer and the dryer when they broke and I couldn't do it. Plus, you know basic electrical work and keep me from electrocuting myself. It's so attractive to have a woman who doesn't have to depend on someone else to take care of basic maintenance on her car or house. And you don't have the stereotypical "girl" traits." (Asked him which traits he was talking about.) "You don't expect me to read your mind. I know that if you are mad at me, that I will definitely know the reason why. And I don't ever have to worry about not knowing that you are hurt or upset because you tell me these things. Most women seem to expect men to be mindreaders. And you aren't a drama queen. You don't fly off the deep end over the tiniest little things and blow everything out of proportion. Molehills stay molehills with you and don't balloon into mountains in less then 3 seconds. It's nice that you will ask me to clarify a statement or comment before you get mad at me over it. Usually, I mess that up and make it worse, but that's not your fault. Oh and you take care of me, Xavier, and the house." (How is that unlike other women.) "Oh I just went off on a tangent. You take such good care of me. It's not like I'm doing 90% of the work and compromise in the relationship. We may not always be 50-50, but we flip between 60-40 and 40-60. I really appreciate all the work you do around the house to keep it clean, make sure that we have food to eat and clean clothes to wear, and that you never really complain when I'm not spending a lot of time at home and with you. On top of being out of the house for at least 45 hours a week for work, you let me go to the gym, go to lodge, and hang out with my friends. It means alot to me that you let me have a life outside of work and home. Otherwise, I'd get so stressed and never want to be around the house or you. Instead, I enjoy the time that I do get to spend with you because it's not like it is forced on me. You don't call me 20 times a day and demand that I come home when I'm spending time with my friends. You have so much patience with me and all of my flaws. And I love you so much for this. Well, and tack on that you are the mother of my child." (He laughed here because I seriously think it was an after thought.)

After that we talked a little bit, and raised a question phrased by my friend Chris who knew what I was doing, that was a little too vulgar to put on livejournal. It involved other female anatomy parts, and Roger's response was satisfactory. I'm EXTREMELY happy right with him right now. Yes, he shouldn't have to tell me these things, but every so often it is really nice for my husband to give me compliments and not random people. Like when my optometrist told me I had the most beautiful eyes. (Definitely a compliment coming from a man that looks at eyes all day.) At least I can be comforted by the fact that Roger doesn't even know what color eyes his ex-fiance had. Apparently, when prompted he usually just tells women that they have pretty eyes or that he likes their eyes without ever really looking at them. Lol. Seriously, his explanation, not mine. I can't understand how he cannot notice what color someone's eyes are. Yes, he did know that my eyes were dark brown. I would've strangled him had he not. Instead, I'm going to make him a treat for when he gets home. Just wanted to share the stuff that my wonderful man said. Lol.
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Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Subject:Redoing A Meme
Time:11:09 am.
Mood: mellow.
So being the rather introspective person that I am, I went through and reread the meme below.


And now have decided to retake it because I was pretty down at that time. Plus, several of those answers have changed. Lol.

***Unfortunately it will not let me take it again. So yeah, that sucks. Sorry.
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Subject:End of the semester
Time:10:46 am.
Mood: tired.
So, I have been up since 3:30 am typing and editing my sister's sociology paper. Sometimes I just wish that I would just do the work for her and get it over with. Trying to decipher her writing, grammar, and spelling causes my eyes to roll back into my head frequently. It seriously takes me longer to type what she has given me, proofread the typed pages, fix spelling mistakes, fix grammar mistakes, and then discuss with her the structure problems takes TWICE as long as if I did the whole paper from scratch. Curse my ethics. And to top it all off, she has started falling into bad habits. For a while, she was improving with every paper, but now it seems like she reverted back to all of her old writing problems. Oh, and of course as soon as it was finished Xavier woke up so I couldn't lay down and nap. *sigh* At least the semester is over and I only have to tutor her in math this summer. Plus, I did get to watch a couple of documentaries on volcanoes by the History Channel and some episodes of SNAPPED! that I hadn't seen, while I did about 4/5 of my voting for the day.

On a good note, it looks like I will have two classes this fall. YAY! Right now I am scheduled to teach two 094 extended hour classes. For those of you unfamiliar with Parkland, 094 is a pre-algebra class and an extended hour class means that the class meets an extra hour every week. This is phenomenal for me because I truly love teaching this class and having the extra hour should allow me to better help my students through the rough spots. Plus the schedule is totally perfect for me, 1 pm to 3 pm every day. I haven't decided yet when to do my office hours, though. Right now I'm thinking about 12-1 or 3-4, but I'm not sure what day. Definitely not Friday but that leaves 4 days out of the week. Lol. I may stick with Thursday since one Tuesday and Wednesday a month I already have meetings, and I've been spreading myself a little thin lately. Plus, I've picked up a tutoring job where we meet on Thurs at Parkland anyways.

In other news, I have managed to lose some more weight. I've dropped 8 lbs in the past 2 weeks. Definitely starting to feel the difference already. Unfortunately, I've been experiencing excruciating back pains. I suspect that it is from our mattress. With my big butt sleeping in the same position on the bed all the time, the springs are starting to break down. Rog was supposed to flip the bed, but I'm not sure if he flipped it laterally or horizontally. So all of this time of flipping, he may have been leaving the springs in the exact same spot only turned upside down. Oh well, Ive been managing it with heating pads and stretches. Thank God for my pain tolerance levels. Rog has been fantabulous the last few days. He actually cleaned for me yesterday without me having to say a single word about it. He said he knew how stressed it had been making me and how busy I'd been, so he wanted to make me happy. Sometimes that boy still manages to surprise me. :D Hopefully my house will get back to its proper state now that the semester has wound down. Work, Xavier, and home I can handle without too much trouble, but toss in helping Gina and Corey with school work plus all of my neighborhood stuff and stuff started to suffer. And the first thing to go was the house since most of the time it won't get done unless I do it.

Well, I think that is enough for now. Lol.
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Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Subject:Sicky girl
Time:5:45 pm.
Mood: sick.
So I am currently a sicky sicky girl. I am surprised that I managed to drag my booty off of the couch to actually get online. Fortunately, it looks like the worst of it is over. Yesterday one of my students actually said "God you look like shit... um I mean crap." It's like wow. I must look as bad as I feel. On the plus side, I managed to shrink my stomache over the past two days. So YAY for requiring smaller quantities of food to feel full. Hopefully, this will help me lose those lbs I desperately need to drop. Now I have to be careful not to stretch it back out.

On another note, my sister's husband has been on some weird kick lately. He had a dream that she cheated on him, and then proceeded to call her a "Cheater" and pick at her all the next day about it. Like DUDE it's not like she can control YOUR dreams. He's on this insecurity trip lately about her sleeping around. Next he'll be going through her phone and email messages. God what an OBSESSIVE and CONTROLLING attitude. If Rog ever tried that crap with me, I'd leave his ass in a heartbeat. It's not as if I wouldn't let him look at my messages or email if he asked. I mean Gina has been with Jeremy for years. If she was interested in getting with someone else, she would have. It's not like she has any qualms about walking out on someone. Guess it's one of those weird family traits us Copes have. We know that there are plenty of guys out there and aren't afraid to leave and find a better one if we need to. We CHOOSE to stay with our guys because we love them and want to be with them. If they are going to do things like this then why bother to stay with them. Heck, in my experience the people who are the most untrusting and accusatory are the ones who are actually doing the cheating. Nathan, Eric, and Jason all did that. I don't know. I trust Roger explicitely. Don't get me wrong, there is one person in particular I don't like him around alone. But that's a long complicated story. I know that he won't betray my trust that way, so I don't have to go hunting for things to accuse him of stuff. Seriously, if he doesn't stop accusing her of stuff, she is going to leave him or go ahead and cheat on him. It's like if she's already being punished for doing something that she hasn't done, then she may as well have the fun she's being accused of. THANK GOD that I'm not having to put up with that.
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Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Subject:Debit card problems
Time:4:48 pm.
Mood: tired.
So yeah, I still can't find my wallet. So I reported all of my cards lost and have been monitoring the accounts closely. Low and behold, I find a strange charge. However, it is not on my card, but on ROGER's. Somehow, someone opened a rhapsody account with his card using his name, but a made up email address. So now we do not have any debit cards until our new ones arrive, which creates problems for my bills that are automatically charged to my debit card. Fun fun.
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Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Subject:Sicky baby and too much work.
Time:4:57 pm.
Mood: sore.
In a nutshell, sicky baby, tons of work (grading and prep work), sick Gina with loads of work to do by the end of this week, and still missing a wallet. Reported all credit cards and debit cards lost. Need to obtain a new photo id. Plus, really sore back. No clue what I did to it. Off to nap.
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Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Subject:Another annoying week
Time:8:51 pm.
Mood: cranky.
So enter into yet another annoying week. First, I have been STARVING since Sunday. I am not exaggerating. The first day didn't strike me as odd since we went hiking and climbed the tower at Forest Glen. It was a bit of a strenuous activity and so being hungry the next day would make sense. But no, it did not end with Sunday. I was starving Monday too. Could not seem to stop eating all day. And then comes Tuesday. OMG, I ate an entire 1 lb bag of baby carrots and 2 of my 90 calorie granola bars between 11 am and 1 pm and was STILL hungry. I proceeded to call Roger and tell him that I was ravenous and wanted to eat at 2:30ish after my class was over. (My word choice elicited an amused chuckle out of Jason since his wife texted him the exact same thing. Probably from hiking on Saturday.) So we decided to go out to eat at Taffies where I proceeded to eat and I am not kidding 2 eggs, 3 sausage links, 1 cup of hashbrowns, 2 pieces of wheat toast, AND an ENTIRE order of biscuits and gravy. Plus I munched on a few of Xavier's french fries and the crust off of his grilled cheese. All in all, I managed to eat 2 1/2 meals in ONE sitting just to get me to the point of not hungry. I didn't even feel full. And a couple of hours later I was starving again. Then ditzy me went to pick up some food for Jason and Jenni and promptly drove off without getting it from the drive through person. My brain has not been functioning properly. Today is a little better with regards to hunger, but I'm still very hungry. Way hungrier than normal. Which of course causes Gina to keep saying "You're pregnant." over and over again.

In addition to being constantly hungry, I have been ridiculously busy. Two meetings on Monday, Xavier's soccer and one meeting on Tuesday, one meeting today, three meetings tomorrow, another meeting and Xavier's birthday party on Friday. This is all in addition to the work actually entailed in my job. Plus the meeting that I had today DID NOT go well. It looks like the church is going to back out of letting us build the park on their land. Which of course means that we must find land somewhere in the neighborhood that someone will donate or allow us to use. There were some rather un-Christian like things said by one of their members. I will not get into it on here, but needless to say I had to bite my tongue more than once.

Then to top it all off, of the 4 lbs I lost, I gained 5 lbs back from all of this eating.

God, somebody shoot me please. The soft spot on the back of my skull where it meets the spine and with a .20 so that it does the most short range damage.
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Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Time:12:43 am.
Mood: content.
So I had a somewhat productive day. I managed to get through almost 2/5ths of my houses and collected $13 with others offering a little more when they get paid. I also have now lost approximately 4 lbs, and I haven't really changed my eating or excercising much. So yay! I suspect that if I actually kick it up a couple of notches, I might be able to lose another 6 lbs by the end of this month. And that would put me on the right track to getting back into my cute clothes (and some of my hoochie mama clothes too). In Xavier news, he is literally mimicking everything he hears, so yeah that includes some rather choice words and phrases that he shouldn't say. Lol. I'm also back to running around the house in my boxers and t-shirts. I'm starting to get back to my good old self again. Poor world. Well off to bed for me. Gotta sub in Trig tomorrow. Ouch.
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Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Subject:Long Day
Time:12:18 am.
Mood: stressed.
So I managed to mess up big today. I completely forgot about meeting my uncle to return his battery. He waited for me for an hour in my driveway. Right now I am trying to get my schedule under control. I've been spreading myself too thin and have recently discovered that I am not superwoman anymore. My mom is worried about me and Xavier of course because if I don't take care of myself I'm going to get sick and my stress affects Xavier. Between all of the things that I am need, I don't have much time anymore. I've been running on about 3-5 hours of sleep a night for nearly a week. And when I can go to bed at a decent hour, I'm so stressed out that I can't relax and go to sleep. I could start taking those dang sleeping pills again, but they make me a little off the next day if I don't get at least 10 hours of sleep. And there is no way I can get 10 hours of sleep. It's so bad that I am seriously considering taking a day off of work to get things under control. Me taking a mental health day, my former co-workers would be ready to commit me to an insane asylum. I rarely even took off work for actual illnesses. Including working right up until the time I gave birth. I was once ordered to leave and go home by threat of an ambulance ride to the emergency room if I didnt. Then there was the time I went into work after a nasty car accident that proved my head was harder than a windshield. And her I am ranting and raving on a livejournal post for the world to see when I could be in bed sleeping. Maybe an asylum isn't too far of a stretch.
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Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Subject:Attempt at posting again
Time:11:37 pm.
Mood: drained.
So, yeah it has been over 3 years since I last updated my livejournal. Lol. I am attempting to get back into regular checking/updating. However, I do not promise anything. Xavier (my son) is doing well. He will be 3 yrs this April. I'm teaching part-time at Parkland and loving it. After some of the stuff at Eastern, I wasn't sure why I wanted to teach, but once I began teaching again, I realized why I enjoyed it so much. Wow, there is so much to talk about like my tumor and everything that I can't put it all into one post. I am officially married now, which is a bit weird to me. Also, we just came back from a wedding shower put on by my fabulous colleagues. They are all wonderful to work with. In particular, we have made a couple of very good friends. This past week, we have been helping them do some cleaning. Personally, I think I will put off my deep cleaning until this summer because it is a little much for me to handle everything else and a deep clean. I am also attempting some behavior modification on myself using adverse reaction to a snapped rubber band on my wrist. Everytime I do/say/think something that I shouldn't, I snap myself. Roger finds it strange but doesn't question it because of how strange I am normally. Thus, if you see me snap myself, do not think that I am crazy. Ok, I think that is enough jabbering for now.
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Monday, December 11th, 2006

Subject:recent update
Time:4:38 pm.
Mood: tired.
So um yeah, as you might have noticed I have let my various online accounts go by the wayside. I'm very bad about stuff like that. Well I am still kind of nauseous, but I have pills that seem to help a bit and yes I am still pregnant. As Amanda likes to point out cuz it amuses her, my stomach now sticks out further than my boobs. However, I haven't really gained any weight. I lost 15 lbs at the beginning of the pregnancy and have gained back 3-4 of them. Thus how is my tummy getting bigger? Well, I have managed to lose some of my butt. Thus I now look funny because I'm very front heavy. The boobs are bigger (if you can imagine) and the stomach is bigger, and my backside is smaller. Plus I now waddle when I walk because my center of balance has shifted and if I try to walk normal, I sway like a drunk. We got to see the baby though, Roger's got the sonogram pics up on myspace if anyone is interested. My favorite one is of the babies face. He looks like a little alien :D but my mom keeps getting on my about calling him alien face. My due date is May 7th so just around finals Lol. Oh and so far it's a little boy. My mom says not to put too much stock in that since I was supposed to be a little boy (umbilical cord wrapped so it looked like "boy parts") so it may be a little girl still. We haven't decided on a name because the one name we liked we later found out was the most popular boy's name this year so yeah that tossed it out quickly. But we have a middle name. If you can imagine. Lol. Work is going good I'm making so so money. $10.85 an hour plus a dollar extra on Sundays. I'm working 40+ hours a week too. It's practically guaranteed that I will have at least an hour of overtime a week. Thus you can guess why my online stuff isn't so important right now. Sleep and work constitute a LARGE chunk of my time. And then I need to spend time with Roger. Things are going pretty good with us, he wants to get married but I've told him that I'm not ready for that yet. He's pretty understanding about it all. Plus he definately cater's to me a lot. However, he seems to be trying to make me into an invalid. I'm not supposed to touch cleaning chemicals, lift anything heavy, do any heavy cleaning, etc. Basically I'm allowed to do the dishes and laundry as long as I only carry very small loads at a time. God I'm pregnant not physically disabled. I know he only wants to make sure I don't hurt myself or the baby though, so I try to be reasonable. Oh and I'm a CSM/CSS now, customer service manager/supervisor. Hmm... other than that I really don't have any news. Life's not going too badly right now.
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Monday, September 11th, 2006

Subject:Status Update
Time:8:59 pm.
Mood: nauseated.
So I haven't updated lately or read anyone's journals. I haven't been feeling quite well for quite a while. I was rather nauseous, light headed, sore throat and a cough. After quite a while of this, I went to the doctor to find out why. And here is why, I'm pregnant and I have a throat infection. He doesn't want to give me antibiotics unless absolutely necessary for the throat infection, so I'm still dealing with it. Actually, I'm still dealing with all of the above symptoms because morning sickness doesn't just go away. I was rather angry about the whole pregnancy thing, since we do use protection. But I wasn't on the pill, all we used were codoms. FYI, condoms are not 100% effective since the can slip off or break. I've gotten to where I'm accepting it and not royally angry about the whole thing, but it took a while. So yeah. That's my update for now.
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Sunday, August 27th, 2006

Subject:8-21-06 (Repost)
Time:12:53 am.
Mood: crappy.
Ok, short entry. Car wreck. Everyone Ok. Went to hospital to appease mother. Other guy ticketed. Both cars totaled. Bedtime for me
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